HCP Engagement is Evolving

Are you keeping up?

Industry access to HCPs is diminishing rapidly, but with Impiricus it doesn’t have to. Impiricus is a next-generation, proprietary HCP engagement platform.

Female doctor in labcoat using smart tablet to look at communication from Impiricus

Your Next-Generation Healthtech Platform

Trusted – Founded by physicians, Impiricus bypasses traditional barriers by delivering industry news and resources directly to HCP fingertips.

Efficient – With an API-centric platform, custom URL tracking, and robust data analysis, Impiricus fits seamlessly into your omnichannel strategy.

Effective – It’s estimated that less than 50% of HCPs are accessible face-to-face. With Impiricus, brand partners are able to deliver high-value content, with engagement and click-through rates routinely 5-10x higher than traditional methods.

Industry Leading Access And Engagement


A proprietary network of more than 800,000 HCPs.

Reach low-see and no-see HCPs

Communicate with HCPs at their fingertips

Amplify engagement with called-on HCPs

Activate omnichannel resources

WE deliver:

8x the engagement rate of other healthtech platforms.

Compliant pre-approved conversations

Impiricus HCP council reviewed

NPI level data to fuel Next Best Actions

Guaranteed engagement

The Latest Updates From Impiricus


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The brand benefits of working with Impiricus

Every brand faces a constant stream of changes that is ideally communicated with HCPs as quickly as possible.

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The Pharma results when working with Impiricus

The CP preferred engagement platform and the only SMS proprietary network

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Connect With Thousands Of HCPs Today

Gain exclusive access and guaranteed engagement with more than 800,000 HCPs. Amplify your brand with the only HCP-preferred engagement platform.