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Impiricus Wallet Launches to Innovate HCP and Patient Support Beyond the Script

ATLANTAJuly 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Atlanta-based Impiricus announced the launch of their new product, Impiricus Wallet, the first omnipresent resource, which is easily accessible at HCP’s fingertips and exclusively delivered by the Impiricus network. The Impiricus Wallet is designed to innovate HCP and Patient support beyond the script by:
  • Delivering valuable messages and resources directly to target HCPs
  • Saving HCP time by linking patients directly to resources
  • Tracking usage at the NPI level: unique QR code usage
  • Removing app download to access resources
  • Allowing Physicians to easily share with NP/PAs and other members of their practice
“HCPs consistently highlight that patient resources are either unknown to them or are cumbersome to access,” said Sandy Donaldson, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Impiricus. “With Impiricus Wallet, we can provide impact and value for both HCPs and patients, embedded in a single, easy access solution.” Impiricus Wallet is a fully customizable resource delivered exclusively through the Impiricus network. Stored within fingers reach in digital wallets, HCPs share with patients to help connect them with additional resources. HCPs easily pull up the resource and a patient can scan the QR code with their camera – no app installation required. This innovative approach to resource utilization can be used with co-pay, hub services, patient resources, financial support, or clinical trial enrollment. Impiricus-2023-Wallet